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Feb 2016

New Product launch from Bandon Co-op!

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NEW - Bandon Butter blended with Rapeseed Oil

The first butter blend of its kind from Bandon Co-op!

Bandon Co-op use new technology which helps to blend the best of both worlds - Butter with Rapeseed Oil. Their cold blending process ensures that the unique characteristics of both butter and Rapeseed oil are preserved producing a softer easier to spread blend for you to enjoy.

  • Softer and easier to spread
  • Blended with Rapeseed Oil
  • Great West Cork taste
  • Making butter since 1907

Product Details

Code: 704837
Description: Bandon Butter blended with Rapeseed Oil
Unit Size: 454g
Pack Sizes: 20 x 454g

For sales information contact John Buckley, Clóna Dairy Products. Mob: 086 8137986
For technical information contact: Leigh Ann Tobin or John Coffey, Bandon Co-op. Tel: 023 8841409