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May 2017

Alfee's Bourbon Flavoured BBQ Sauce

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The perfect combination of sweet, tart, smokey & savoury with a shot of whiskey.
Flavours matured over a lifetimes experience.


Try some of these mouthwatering suggestions...


#Burger with crispy bacon n’ cheese

Char-grilled steak burger topped with crispy bacon and mature cheddar cheese with fresh leaves, dill pickles in a traditional bun napped with Alfee’s Bourbon BBQ Sauce.


#Beef Burger with Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Aberdeen Angus beef burger with baby gem, red onion, sliced red chillies, mixed leaf and drizzled with Alfee’s Bourbon BBQ Sauce. Serve in a seeded bun.


#Black & Blue Cheese Burger

Char-grilled beef burger served on a brioche roll with Alfee’s Bourbon BBQ Sauce topped with red onion, tomatoes, baby gem and Blue Cheese Dressing.


#Chefs Tip for any loaded burger...

Add some crispy onions for crunchy texture or alternatively on loaded fries (which is gaining in popularity)

Chop the burger into pieces and dress a basket of French fries with various toppings such as Jalapenos, stringy cheese and Rich Sauces Chipotle Sauce.


#Smugglers Burger

Beef burger dressed with Alfee’s Bourbon BBQ Sauce (sweet and smokey with a kick), crispy onions and Monterey Jack cheese served on a bun with crispy leaves.


#Battered Chicken Fillet

Drizzle with Alfee’s Bourbon BBQ Sauce and mature cheese and rocket then serve in a brioche roll.


#BBQ Cheese Coleslaw

340g Rich Sauces Real Mayonnaise

60g Alfee’s Bourbon BBQ Sauce

410g Shredded Cabbage

100g Grated Cheddar Cheese

90g Carrots

Place the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add the Real Mayonnaise and mix well making sure all dry ingredients are covered with the mayo.

Add the Bourbon BBQ Sauce and cheese then mix until all the coleslaw is blended together.
Garnish with some grated cheddar (optional).